RuntimeChecker is a powerful tool that detects memory leak for windows applications 

developped by visual c++ (Visual studio 6, Visual studio 2003, Visual studio 2005, Visual studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010 )

Note: The latest version is 2.5, Upgrade is free!

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Please check FAQ question 9 if your operating system is Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Sever 2008!

Why do we develop RuntimeChecker?

As Visual C++ developers, we had to spend enormous amount of time to track down

memory leak issue, especially server applications. Our experience with the so call "BIG"

tools were even more frustrated as they either report inaccurate or misleading results and

sometimes take up simply max out the CPU and crash especially on large application.

In 2005, we have decided to develop a robust, light-weight and effective tool that simply track

down memory leak problem and it is RuntimeChecker.


1. No recompile and no relink. RuntimeChecker is able to start an executable program or

    attach to a running process.

2. Clean result. You would not be confused by a lot of unrelated or wrong information.

3. High performance. It can be used for load/stress test.

4. Very easy to use. You may know how to use it without reading manual.

5. Export/Import memory leak result at any time.